Thursday, May 08, 2008

Marfan syndrome (and a touching comment!)

Kids often say the most innocent, touching things.

From NPR story on new drug for Marfan syndrome:

(Note: The kid mentioned in the passage here, Blake Althaus, is 5.5 years old).

"After a few years of taking Losartan, Blake is doing well. He runs with the other kids, though not quite as fast. His mom says that one morning he asked if maybe new shoes would help him go faster.

"I ended up crying that whole afternoon while he was at school," Anita says. It was hard, she says, watching him realize he was a little different.

Then when she picked him up from school, she recalls, "he said 'Mom can you take me shopping so I can get new tennis shoes so I can run fast? I'm always the slowest guy.'" Anita told him that Marfan syndrome made his ankles a little loose, so running would be hard. But she also told him he was the best fisherman she had met in her entire life. "I am?" he asked, his face lighting up."